Dessert Packages

Pretty Petite Pastries 

Dessert Bar Packages

We offer five different build-your-own packages for our pretty petite dessert bars.
  • All packages include the cost of delivery, setup, and breakdown within 20 miles of our shop ($1/mile over)
  • Prices include rental of plates, platters, dessert stands and tablecloth/table skirt needed for the table setup.
  • Each package allows you to customize the dessert bar of your dreams with a variety of baked goods!       Find the package you feel best suits your needs and then start shopping from our list of scrumptious baked goods and unique desserts. 


Bronze Package - $299: Choose 4 (serve up to 60 guests)
Silver Package - $499: Choose 7 (serve up to 100 guests)
Gold Package - $999: Choose 15 (serve up to 225 guests)
Platinum Package (include bonus dessert table decorations) - $1499: Choose 24 (serve up to 350 guests)
Diamond Package (include bonus dessert table decorations & backdrop)- $1999: Choose 34 ( ~500 guests)


48 mini cupcakes 
24 standard cupcakes
24 custom size brownies  
20 decorative sugar cookies
50 meringue kisses
30 custom shaped meringue
20 custom size rice krispie treats 
20 cake pops or cake truffles (cake pops w/o sticks)
20 chocolate truffles
20 whoopie pies
20 cream puffs
40 profiteroles
20 French  macaróns (1 flavor/color)
20 Chocolate Covered Strawberries
20 mini cheesecakes
20 mini tartlets
20 petit fours
30 custom size jellos

A sample Dessert table package

A gold package (15 choices) might look something like this:

sample picture only

48 mini cupcakes ( 1 order)
48 custom size brownies (2 orders)
100 raspberry macaróns (5 orders)
40  chocolate truffles (2 orders)
50 meringue kisses (1 order)
20 mini cheesecakes (1 order)
60 custom size jellos  (2 orders)
20 cream puffs (1 order)

In our experience, guests help themselves to 2-4 baked goods but who’s counting?
**Our beautiful desserts can be designed to compliment your unique theme.**

For Wedding & Anniversary, most couples choose to anchor their dessert table with a tier cake, which is an additional cost to the base price of the table.

Anchor CAke

Cupcake Tower with 6" Cake
(from $4 per guest; minimum 48 guests; include rental of cupcake stand)

Macaron Tower with 6" Cake
(from $6 per guest; minimum 50 guests; approximately 100 macarons; include rental of Macaron stand)

10 tier Macaron Tower (approximately 230 macarons)
From $399; include rental of Macaron stand
* smaller sizes available *

$199 and up; include rental of cake stand

*Pricing does not include delivery and set up which is extra depending on the location.  Fresh Flowers are additional depending on the type of  flower and  seasonal availability.

A La Carte
4 Tier Macaron Tower
Approximately 40 Macarons
1 Filling & Color
Include Macaron Stand and Carry Case ($14.95 value)
+$10 Each Addition Color/Filling
Design/Decorations on Macarons are extra

Macarons A La Carte
Minimum 40
1 Filling & Color
$2.50 each
Macarons with Design $3-4 each

Meringue Kisses
Minimum 96
Up to 4 Colors/Flavors
$1 each
Special Shaped Meringue Cookies $2 each

Standard Cupcakes
Minimum 48  - $2 each
Mini Cupcakes
Minimum 96  -  $1 each
With Buttercream or Cream Cream Frosting
+$1-2 each for Special Design

Cake Pops
Minimum 48
Include Basic Design / Sprinkles
$2.50 each
+$1- $2 each for Special Design

Mini Cheesecake
Minimum 48
Include Seasonal Fresh Fruits/Jam
$3 each

Mini Tarts /Puff Pastry Desserts $2 - $3 each – Minimum 48

Macarons Flavor Fillings
Black Sesame w/ Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Ganache
Matcha Green Tea
Mint Chocolate
Nutella Hazelnut
Pandan Green Coconut
Raspberry or Raspberry w/ Rose Water
Ube Purple Yam
Vanilla Bean
White Chocolate Ganache

Macaron Tower Stands

(stands only - does not include macarons)

10-Tier Face-Front Clear Round Macaron Tower–
Hold up to ~100 macarons – Perfect for Macarons with Design 
Stand-only: $69.95,  Stand + Acrylic Base: $79.95 + tax

4-Tier Clear Round Stand w/ Carry Case – Hold up to ~40 macarons – $14.95 + tax

10-Tier Clear Round Stand – Hold up to ~230 macarons – $64.95 + tax

10-Tier Clear Round Stand w/ Acrylic Base – Hold up to ~230 macarons – $74.95 + tax

9-Tier Clear Square Stand – Hold up to ~230 macarons $69.95 + tax

10-Tier Glossy Black Round Stand – Hold up to ~230 macarons – $69.95 + tax

Macaron Towers can also be rented for 50% of Sale price + Security Deposit

Not sure how to style your dessert table? 

A  customized styling option, starting at $100, may be added in addition to the dessert package cost.  Customized styling is required for more thematic dessert tables.  This fee includes initial consultation, theme development and the design of all visual elements including but not limited to: backdrop, linens, floral arrangements, table decor, labels, cards, party favors, etc.  We will work with your party style and choose items that best complement your event theme and color scheme.  This fee allows us to create a dessert table scape that compliments your party style and ensures that your display is as unique as you.  

*For uncustomized dessert table, please provide us with a long rectangular table all set up and ready before we arrive.  If you are ordering a customized dessert table with backdrop, please have the table set up against a wall.

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